Rhiannon Purnell


Rhiannon has been interested in computers since her dad started bringing home his work computer (an Amiga 500) in the early 1990s. She learned the basics of programming at university, where she had to clean some data transmitted to earth from the XMM-Newton X-ray telescope and turn it into pretty rainbow pictures of galaxy clusters. After university, Rhiannon worked for an online publishing agency and she got stuck into web design and email marketing. From here, she went on to work for BBC Magazines Bristol and she rebuilt their ASP content management systems with PHP. Rhiannon discovered Drupal 11 years ago and she hasn’t looked back since!

Before starting at Microserve, Rhiannon worked on a wide variety of web projects for big names including, Nikon, Ciniworld, BBC, Abergavenny Food Festival, Viva!, the EU, the University of Bristol and UWE.

The best bit about her job is that she gets to do lots of problem solving and wading through inherited code - the trickier the problem the better!

In her free time, Rhiannon can be found looking after her large family, taming the allotment, playing music and doing arts and crafts. She also loves anything to do with the ocean.

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