Say hello to the team at Microserve. We’re a friendly bunch and we’re super passionate about bringing all sorts of digital projects to life.

Our team is made up of insightful Digital Producers who will work with you to help figure out exactly what you need, skilled UX-ers who love to solve tricky usability issues and talented Developers who will build beautiful and robust websites for you.

Our Senior team

The Senior team will be your first port of call when coming into contact with us. They’re experts in understanding your needs and they'll work with you to create smart solutions for every conceivable situation. They’ll also help you to come up with a plan for the future to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Dan McNamara

Dan McNamara

Managing Director

Dan has worked in a strategic capacity for some of the UK's leading digital agencies, on web projects of all shapes and sizes.

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Emily Coward

Emily Coward

Head of Development

Emily is responsible for the team of Developers at Microserve and she has vast experience in working with a huge range of clients.

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Rick Donohoe

Rick Donohoe

Head of Operations

Rick oversees all projects at Microserve and is responsible for nurturing a growing team of Digital Producers.

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Ellie Pickering

Ellie Pickering

Account Director

Ellie oversees the strategic direction and management of our key clients.

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Meet your Digital Producers

When working with us, you'll be partnered with one of our experienced Digital Producers. They'll work with you to ensure that your project is run efficiently and effectively. They’re always happy to chat through any ideas that you have and they'll work hard to make the most of your investment.

Our UX and Design team

The UX and Design team are a creative bunch and they'll work with you to transform your ideas and requirements into beautiful digital solutions.

Tim Banks

Tim Banks

Principal User Experience Architect

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Our Technical team

This team is probably the one that you'll have the least contact with but that means that they're free to beaver away and create digital brilliance. There’s a huge range of skills within this team, from usability experts to front-end wizards and Drupal Grand Masters.

Would you like to work with our team of amazing experts? Get in touch, we’d love to talk about your ideas.

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