Southampton City Council operate the My Journey website - My Journey is a one-stop website designed for the public to gain travel information and advice in and around the Southampton area.

After a competitive tender process, Microserve were successfully awarded the ongoing Support and Maintenance contract for the My Journey website.

The Problem

It was apparent at an early stage that staff found it difficult to add and edit content on the existing website. The website targets a range of different geographical locations and a number of content teams are responsible for different content relating to each area. The existing website was built in a way which made this very difficult for the various teams to manage, and the confused content administrators lacked confidence in the current website and its functionality.

The My Journey content team were also regularly adding engaging and interesting content to the website, however, poor navigation structure and difficult-to-manage menus led to a reduced user experience, meaning this fresh content was often hidden to the end users.

A full Drupal Site Audit highlighted a number of key issues with security, performance and site administration, which we set about resolving. Poor development of the existing Drupal website using bespoke modules had made it cumbersome and difficult to administer, and this was putting the site at risk from both security and performance perspectives.

Our Solution

Initially Microserve worked closely with the Council web team to migrate the website over to Pantheon which provided a more secure, scalable and easy-to-manage hosting platform.

Our experienced team provided a number of fresh ideas to enhance the user experience, and proposed strategies to reduce the complexity of the site. After iImplementing our proposals the site was simpler and safer to use by content administrators, and we significantly improved overall security and performance. By reducing unnecessary complexity the site became much easier to maintain and update going forward.

We advised a full restructure which was underpinned by an image-focused layout and page teasers, we also implemented a proper Information Architecture structure, and completely modified the navigation throughout the site.

The structural changes have made a significant impact on user engagement with a 40% increase in pageviews, 11.5% increase in session duration, and a 15% bounce rate decrease.

With the smart and cost-efficient changes we recommended and implemented to their existing site, content administrators were now able to do their jobs faster and better. Most importantly, as we focused the end-user experience at the heart of our site development, users can now navigate and view the content they desire with ease.

Microserve believe in delivering value for money, and our competitive rates have ensured that they get maximum value from their ongoing support and maintenance budget, leaving them confident enough to extend our contract for an additional two years, future-proofing the website’s development. 

Old page design

New page design