Michelmores are an award-winning UK law firm. Their website is rich in content and features, acting as the hub of their business activity with ecommerce and event-booking all channeled through their site.   

The Problem

Having identified their most important industry sectors, Michelmores were aware that their legacy website was failing to promote their strengths in these key areas.

They had previously been working with another agency to undertake an extensive user experience review, but the agency didn’t have the required Drupal manpower to implement their new UX strategy.

Our Solution

Microserve were approached as Michelmores had a business-critical deadline looming and they needed to implement the findings of their new UX strategy without further delay.

Understanding just how critical the changes were to Michelmore’s business, Microserve prioritised the project and because we have one of the largest teams of UK Drupal developers we were able to reallocate resources from less time-sensitive projects. Our experienced project manager led a talented team of front-end and back-end developers, who were set to work without delay to make the necessary changes.


To ensure the client's tight deadlines were met, we worked using a rapid and iterative methodology. To assist with this process the clients were invited to work from our offices, cementing the client/agency relationship and ensuring a very hands-on approach from both parties.

We routinely undertake a Drupal Site Audit whenever we take over existing sites from other agencies, and on this occasion we uncovered a number of security issues and poor SEO practices which we were able to rectify as part of the audit. Microserve use WooRank as a tool to measure SEO practices, and as a result of our changes increased the site’s WooRank score from 65.4 to 81.

The Michelmore team was impressed by Microserve’s understanding of digital strategy, and their flexibility to meet the business-critical deadline.

Delighted with our knowledge and can-do approach, Michelmores have subsequently contracted Microserve to provide support maintenance and future website development to their site.