Microserve were chosen to redesign the homepage of Bloodhound SSC, transforming the old home page into a fully responsive and captivating landing page with a range of complex new features.

Fully Responsive Custom Carousel

The homepage uses a custom built carousel to display both images and video at full width on any device width, with Videos being streamed via YouTube in a full size pop-out player.

Interactive Car Cross-section Tool

The Cross-section car tool proved to be the most complex feature, specifically whilst keeping the tool fully responsive. Users are able to drag the slider back and forth to reveal "under the hood" of the car, and can also click on specific hotspots for more information about the cars components. The car images, hotspot co-ordinates and hotspot reveal content are all managed via a custom built admin interface, and the hotspots allow images, video, and audio to be added to each hotspot reveal.

Responsive Video Reel

Another custom carousel reel was built to display all video from the site. The reel loads all videos, with items then being resized to only display 3 items flush across the full width of the users device. Both a black & white and colour image style are generated from a single image to create a focus transition effect, and all videos are available in full screen mode via the YouTube player.