Bath and North East Somerset Council (BANES) manage the marketing for Bath's world-famous heritage attractions, most notably The Roman Baths. 

The problem

Bath Heritage managed multiple websites for over six heritage attractions, each site required individual maintenance and updates. This process was time consuming and financially inefficient for them to support and maintain in the long run. 

Combining our expert Drupal knowledge with a trusted UX and creative agency, Microserve successfully won the competitive tender process to redevelop the six websites for Bath and North East Somerset Council, showcasing their heritage attractions to a global audience. 

Our solution 

Building upon the findings of our trusted UX and creative partner, Microserve proposed a smart solution which we knew would fulfill the clients objectives. Using our unrivalled Drupal knowledge, we proposed using the Drupal multi-site approach, where multiple websites share a single drupal codebase. By using this solution we could demonstrate how the client could manage multiple updates and themes across several sites with minimal effort. Each upgrade would require just one application, and this application could then be deployed across all other sites with ease, eliminating unnecessary and costly repetition.  

Applying a best-of-breed approach to design, UX and web development, we were further able to demonstrate how our smart solution would result in the creation of beautiful websites, each fully responsive for mobile and tablet devices, yet unique in terms of look, feel, and functionality, showcasing their heritage attractions.

The digital team at Bath Heritage now have full control, managing multiple content, on multiple sites, in the most cost effective way. Ensuring future maintenance is simplified, and costs optimised. 

Acknowledging our innovative solution, Bath Heritage have committed to an on-going maintenance contract with Microserve, and our relationship continues on to further projects.   

Everybody involved has done a grand job on these sites and the project has been highly successful. We very much appreciate Microserve's professionalism and expertise, and all of our team have found both parties a pleasure to work with!

Microserve had orginally impressed us with their practical approach and comprehensive knowledge of Drupal and they won the contract in open tender against some stiff competition nationwide. 

Patricia Dunlop - Commercial Manager, Heritage Services