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A handy tool for every Drupal developers arsenal: a simple go-live checklist!
Drupal Bootstrap
For those looking for a reliable, responsive front-end framework to base their website/drupal theme upon, Twitter Bootstrap can be hard to beat. Luckily there is an existing, contributed theme...
Acquia Drupal Site Builder logo
Rick and I took the Acquia Drupal site builder exam yesterday, and we're proud to say we both passed with scores of 90% and higher!
Having problems with complex conditions in Views? hook_views_query_alter() to the rescue!
DrupalCamp Bristol 2015
We're proud to say DrupalCamp Bristol 2015 is taking shape nicely; tickets are selling well, sessions are being submitted and we already have a number of Sponsors on board! With just under 2 months...
we're open sign
Open source software is always 'free of charge', but that’s only half the story...
When should you use fetchAll() or equivalents like fetchAllAssoc() ?