Drupal Support and Maintenance

At Microserve we are proud to say that our client relationships continue long after the initial development phase. We offer Drupal support and maintenance services to all our clients and are happy to offer these services to new clients with existing Drupal websites.

Do you own or manage a Drupal website? We have an outstanding track record of providing clients with a high level of service when it comes to support and maintenance, and are happy to support existing Drupal websites of all shapes and sizes. As a Drupal specific agency we are highly knowledgeable in all things Drupal and will ensure your site is well looked after. With us you can always guarantee an experienced and knowledgeable account manager will be available whenever you need to pick up the phone.

Take a look at our different support levels below to see which tier is best suited to your site.


For smaller businesses wishing to keep their Drupal site secure, updated, and have a knowledgeable account manager on the other end of the phone to help when necessary.

  • Technical support and updates
  • Notification, implementation, testing and deployment of updates to Drupal core
  • Notification, implementation, testing and deployment of security updates to Drupal contrib modules
  • Tasks associated with releasing new code and features to the website, plus maintenance of  development and staging environments, plus Git repository
  • Telephone and online support within office hours (via email and Assembla online ticketing system)
  • General Account Management tasks, including attendance at meetings/calls, and monthly reports
  • Development of new features (within monthly support allowance)
Typical monthly price: £595 (+VAT)


For organisations who value an increase in traffic and user engagement statistics, such as commerce, campaign, and membership organisation Drupal websites.

  • SEO and online strategy consultations
  • Regular user engagement reports using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Monthly recommendations for action / improvements based on user engagement reports, emerging market trends and best practices
  • Attendance of most senior team members at regular project meetings as and when required

... plus everything included in the Basic support package.

Typical monthly price: £950 to £1,785 (+VAT)


For large websites or enterprise clients who require a dedicated Drupal team for ongoing and regular development tasks.

Our bespoke package is most commonly suited to web applications or large scale agile websites where new features and improvements are regularly added.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can tailor a bespoke support and maintenance solution for your needs.

Typical monthly price: Call