WWF is the world's leading independent conservation organisation, whose mission is to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together. The WWF Support site is the charity’s key revenue channel in the UK, where users can choose to 'adopt an animal', become a WWF member, or to donate money directly to the charity to support its global work.

The challenge

In 2018, the charity approached Microserve with a view to rebuilding their existing Support platform using Drupal CMS. The previous iteration of the site was built using a legacy CMS which was proving increasingly difficult to update and maintain and WWF were keen to improve the whole experience of using the site, for supporters and website administrators alike. The key challenge was to create a new, single-page checkout flow that would allow supporters to contribute to WWF's work much more easily than before. 

The WWF team were already enjoying the benefits of using Drupal 8 as their CMS of choice for their main website and were keen to use it again for the new Support website. This would allow a more consistent editorial workflow across the two sites, whilst affording the editors the freedom to create beautiful campaign pages, with the flexibility to change layouts and imagery in just a few clicks.

There was an additional challenge included because, whilst we could see numerous opportunities to improve the website, we also knew that the existing site delivered significant online revenues. We had a clear responsibility to protect those revenues as a bare minimum. Both teams therefore needed to make sure that the changes being made were small enough to not interrupt the experience that supporters had already come to expect, but big enough to make a positive difference.

Our approach

Microserve's first task was to hold a content review workshop with WWF, where our Experience Team worked with the client team and stakeholders to determine which pages were the key touch points and what improvements could be made to them. We focused on improving the editorial experience, empowering the client and ensuring they would be able to steer and manage the content independently in the future. From the content workshop, Microserve developed a content mapping document, which allowed us to better plan the Drupal content types and make sure that terminology was consistent across different content types.

While the bulk of the project was focused around redesigning the checkout flow, it was important not to lose sight of the needs of WWF’s admin users and editors. We always place a strong emphasis on making the admin area - an often-forgotten element of a website - simple and intuitive to use.

We used the new-and-improved Drupal 8 Media module to allow editors to browse and select existing images, with cropping and responsive images built into the site from the start. Alongside Media, the team used the popular Paragraphs module to provide enhanced editing experiences to WWF's team. By providing reusable ‘paragraphs’ of content that could be rearranged into whatever order the client needed, we were able to give them the power to create custom landing and campaign pages, iterate quickly and make rapid changes.

Customer data isn't stored on the website itself but is instead sent to a separate CRM system, so it was crucial to build a secure Drupal platform. Throughout the project, penetration tests and security checks were performed on the site, ensuring it adhered to the highest standards of security and safety at all times.

The results

The new site looks fantastic and provides a very intuitive experience for the widest possible range of users. The power has been put into WWF's hands to create campaign pages that appeal and attract supporters, whilst making the experience more consistent between the main WWF site and the new Support site.

The Support site launched in March 2019 and WWF experienced a very smooth transition from their old CMS to Drupal, maintaining 100% of online revenue from Day One. Feedback from supporters has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re now working closely with WWF to optimise and improve the user journeys based on real user data.

We've tightened up the theming, created robust integrations with external systems, ensured the security of the site and server and paved the way for new and exciting features in the coming months. The platform that we’ve built provides an innovative and scalable technical solution for WWF-UK, which will future-proof their online fundraising efforts for years to come.