OutdoorLads is a charitable membership organisation that runs outdoor activities and events for gay, bisexual and transgender (GBT) men across the UK. 

The challenge

Microserve won a competitive pitch to re-build and re-design the OutdoorLads website. The site is the primary channel through which members can book their places on hundreds of OutdoorLads events that take place up and down the country every year.

As well as creating a fantastic experience for end-users, we were tasked to improve the day-to-day workflow for OutdoorLads' admin users, making their job of updating and maintaining the site as easy as possible. The new website needed to work seamlessly with existing business processes, and had to do the following:

  • Offer a full e-commerce system for managing and selling events
  • Sell tickets to some events, but offer free bookings for others
  • Sell tickets to a 'waiting list' once the event is full
  • Promote 'waitlisted' users to the event when cancellations take place
  • Make it easy to refund waitlisted users that don't make it into the attendee list
  • Give admin users the option to 'clone' existing events rather than start from scratch every time
  • Sell Memberships online, and manage multiple levels of membership with various privileges at each level
  • Provide a 'loyalty' scheme where certain actions are rewarded by points, which can be exchanged in full or part payment of future events
  • Offer a flexible system for discounts and voucher codes at checkout
  • Provide an in-site messaging system to communicate important information to members or attendees, and allowing peer-to-peer messaging
  • Effective reporting on membership and attendees

...and much more.


Our approach

The new website is powered by Drupal 8, with Drupal Commerce 2 powering the e-commerce features. We worked closely with the OutdoorLads team to ensure that everything we developed worked alongside their well-established business processes, and we automated tedious admin tasks wherever possible.

The results

The result is more than just a great mobile-friendly website for booking events. It's a platform that will help OutdoorLads run its entire operation, from managing individual events, to administering memberships and helping event leaders to do their jobs more effectively. 

It's a great example of the power that Drupal can give you over and above standard content management features, with the admin side of the website delivering just as much value to the organisation as the public-facing interface. 

Visit the OutdoorLads website. 

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