LUXALÔR is a luxury hair and beauty brand. It resells some of the world’s leading brands, some of which are held under exclusive UK distribution licences. With its heritage in high-end salons, LUXALÔR initially sold products from its bricks-and-mortar sites before moving into online sales as an additional distribution channel, initially using the Amazon Marketplace.

By the second year of trading LUXALÔR was transacting over £350,000 via online channels alone, so the strategic decision was made to close their salons and focus on eCommerce as its sole distribution channel.

The challenge

LUXALÔR approached Microserve to work with them to develop their brand visuals, and then to design and build a beautiful eCommerce website which would have the luxury look-and-feel to reflect their brand.

As this was LUXALÔR’s first website, it was essential that the platform was incredibly scalable and had the flexibility to integrate with the client’s stock management system, BrightPearl. Drupal fitted this brief perfectly, and has the scalability to grow as LUXALÔR’s requirements grew over time. Drupal integrated nicely with the BrightPearl stock management system and Drupal commerce was configured to ensure clients could purchase the products online with ease.

A great deal of thought and effort was given by our in-house UX and design team to ensure that the product pages communicated a luxury lifestyle experience. A consistent experience for mobile and tablet devices was at the forefront of our designs, enabling a clear and simple process to find, view and purchase items on the go.

The results

Currently in beta testing, initial user feedback has been extremely positive and we are currently working with LUXALÔR and an external SEO agency to create a digital strategy to drive traffic to the site whilst LUXALÔR works with its customer base to direct them to purchase on the new site.