The UK Financial Service giant chose Microserve as the sole development partner for its E-community platform: a key part of its corporate pensions package. We've been working on the platform since 2013, constantly adding and improving features, as well as on-boarding valuable new clients. 

    The challenge

    The E-community platform provides a valuable resource for the employees of Aviva’s corporate clients, acting as an interactive social channel through which they can learn about their pensions, ask questions and communicate with Aviva and other members of their own organisation. Each client has their own branded version of the E-Community website, with content and design highly configurable per client instance.

    When we took control of the system there was a significant amount of remedial work required to stabilise it and create a robust platform that Aviva's clients could rely on. Aviva also had a long list of feature improvements and additions that they wanted to work through, so we worked closely with the Aviva team to identify the priorities and create an organised backlog of tasks to work through.

      Our approach

      Microserve has implemented an extensive list of features and improvements to the Aviva E-Community website. The website is relies heavily on the Organic Groups module, and has been optimised to deal with a large scale of authenticated traffic. Using the performance monitoring software New Relic we have been able to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and significantly reduce page load times across all key pages.

      The platform now includes:

      • Drupal ‘Organic Groups’ to control advanced user roles and permissions
      • Multiple sites with different branding using single codebase
      • Designed to facilitate sharing of ideas and resources within client companies


      The results

      The E-Community website has proved to be a very valuable benefit for Aviva’s corporate clients. Aviva (then ‘Friends Life’) were crowned ‘Pension Provider of the Year’ in the 2015 European Pension Awards, and the E-community product was cited as key factor in this award. The award was in recognition of the company’s innovative approach and focus on outstanding customer service.