We are thrilled to announce that Microserve’s Principal UX Designer, Hannah Royce-Greensill has become NN/g certified. Hannah recently completed an intensive UX certification course, over 30 hours of training and examination from internationally-recognized industry experts.

Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) are world leaders in research-based user experience. It was founded by the pioneers of User Experience, Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen, with Don Norman even having coined the term “User Experience” in the early days at Apple. Over the last 20 years NN/g has evaluated thousands of websites and applications, and consulted for leading brands in virtually every industry. A NN/g certification is a high accolade for UX professionals, trusted by high-profile brands such as BBC, Google and Microsoft. 

One of our core brand values at Microserve is ‘User centricity’, and we focus on putting users at the heart of all online experiences. Our UX team is central to this as, through research and experience, they are able to delve into the user journey and uncover motivations and pain points. Another of our brand values is ‘Excellence as standard’. It is therefore important that all the staff at Microserve receive the best training and qualifications, appropriate to their field of expertise. 

With 8 years of industry experience, working with high profile clients such as WWF, Youth Hostels Association, and Vouchercloud, Hannah already has a wealth of user experience knowledge for our clients, and this NN/g certification just further proves her commitment to user experience. 

Hannah is well versed in a range of research techniques which enable her to get a true understanding of user needs; from workshops and user research through to journey mapping, sketching and prototyping. Working at the intersection of creative and UX, she is perfectly placed to translate these findings into digital solutions which serve a range of users. 

To achieve her NN/g UX Certification Hannah specialised in 5 core areas: Analytics & User Experience, Facilitating UX Workshops, Generating Big Ideas with Design Thinking, Service Blueprinting and Usability Testing. These cornerstones of her UX expertise facilitate Hannah’s day-to-day work with clients.

We are excited to be constantly expanding and building upon the skills and expertise of our team here at Microserve to ensure we are always delivering tangible value to our clients. If you need assistance understanding your website users, optimising the online donation journey or if you just want to find out more about User Experience please get in touch with our team via [email protected].