In today’s blog, I’m going to opt for a more light-hearted topic than usual to celebrate our 15th year company anniversary, as I showcase a history of the Microserve website over the years.

I’ll be using previous screenshots of the Microserve homepage found using the Wayback Machine to give you an insight into how we have grown and adapted as a company over the last 15 years.

Sidenote: The Wayback Machine is a useful tool that can be used to find older cached versions of a web page. Some of the most common uses for this tool may include:

  • Recovering written content when a page has been deleted and is no longer accessible

  • Recovering information from a previous version of a website, or from a website which has been hacked or deleted and is now no longer accessible

  • Due diligence when purchasing a website or an expired domain to check if the domain has a history of spammy practices

Back to the Beginning

Founded in 2004, Microserve originally started as a small IT support company offering a variety of services including network support and website hosting.


It wasn’t until 2006 that the first Microserve website was created, displaying the variety of different IT services the company offered at the time.

With a layout achieved using tables, the website reminds us of the website practices that were used all those years ago, when phones were used to call and text people, but not as a device to browse the Internet.


Our first website redesign was completed two years later in 2008 and shows how the company started to make its website development services more prominent, as IT support services took a back seat.

Don’t you just love the use of company stock images?!

2011: Turning our focus to Drupal

By 2011 Microserve had more than five years of website building experience under its belt, and had found using the Drupal CMS a positive experience during this time.

The website update reflects finding our niche and settling on Drupal and showcased a number of different case studies where the Drupal CMS was used.

Drupal 6 was the current version at this time, however Microserve had been building and managing Drupal websites in the years leading up to 2011, with our team’s Drupal experience dating back to Drupal 5.

2013: Making use of the latest trends

2013 was a remarkable year for the Microserve website, as we went through not one but two different re-designs of the website that year!

There were no fundamental changes to our positioning and service offerings at this time. Instead, the website tells us more about the design and development trends of the time with slideshows and CSS3 animations being heavily used to convey our services.

Since a screenshot really doesn’t do this version of the website justice, you can instead click here to view the actual homepage and see just how much the design relied on the use of animation effects!

The heavy CSS3 animation didn’t last for long and, by the end of the year, the website was updated a second time to opt for a longer single-page design, which allowed the user to find out about the services we offered without having to use a slideshow (thankfully!).

You may notice that, at this point, our brand subtly changed to make use of the slogan, ‘The Drupal Experts’. The slogan reflected the fact that we were far from a full service agency at the time, but were becoming heavyweights within the local Drupal development community.

2015: Microserve welcomes a new Managing Director, Dan McNamara

The new design in late 2015 was based on the Bootstrap framework with the aim of removing a lot of the previous gimmicks, and instead focusing on our company messaging.

This was the first website created under the control of Microserve’s current Managing Director, Dan McNamara, and would become our public face for the next 3 years.

The website content focused on Case Studies and Blogs for the first time, and our content strategy revolved around haring our wealth of Drupal-specific knowledge to the rest of the world.

This update also marked the change of domain name, from to

And now...

Every experienced agency knows that the company website is the often the hardest project to finish. A business often evolve faster than its website, but it’s still a really important exercise to refresh the site from time and time, and bring it back in line with the company’s positioning and latest narrative.

We’re still working on further changes to our existing, but our most recent update in mid-2018 does a good job of showcasing how fast Microserve has grown over the last three years alone.

Since the release of 2015 website we’ve moved into new offices and we’ve had a complete branding refresh. We now have a team of over 25 people and the skillsets within our team are now extensive enough to have transformed us from purely tech-focused development shop to a more strategic agency delivering end-to-end solutions - still with Drupal at the heart of everything we do.