Jira is the Agile project management software that we use to help us to plan, manage and release our projects.  It’s brilliant as we can integrate agile software development with test case management and track our projects each step of the way.

We’ve managed to effectively streamline our processes by using Jira as it helps us to break down a project into Epics, User Stories and Tasks and our clients find it really straightforward to use.  But we want to make sure that our clients are getting the most from Jira so we’ve put our heads together to come up with a list of our top tips and tricks.

Woman working at computer

1. Drag and Drop

Rather than right-clicking on a ticket and selecting ‘send to (sprint x, Backlog)’, simply drag and drop the ticket to where it needs to be.  This will save you lots of time and it helps you to drag the tickets into a priority order at the same time. 

2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

There are so many handy keyboard shortcuts within Jira and you can view the list here.  Our favourite is the ‘Quick Search’ shortcut, which you can find by simply pressing ‘/’ on your keyboard! 

3. Click on the Photo Bubbles

Within the Backlog or Active Sprint view, you can click on the photo bubbles to filter the list of tickets by assignee.  This is handy if you want to see, at a glance, which tickets are assigned to you and don’t want to have to scroll through the whole list.

4. Open and Close the Sidebar

If you use a laptop with a small screen like the majority of the Microserve team, you’ll like this tip! In the left-hand menu, hover and click on the ‘collapse’ arrow and this will close the sidebar.  Hover and click again and it opens once more.  This is super useful when you’re viewing tickets and need some more space to read the details properly.

5. Obtain a URL for a ticket

If you want a simple way to obtain a URL for a ticket, follow these steps!  Click on a ticket to either view or open it in another tab and find the ticket number at the top left of the screen.  Hover over the ticket number and a small copy icon should appear.  Click on this and paste it - sorted!

We hope that these top tips will help you to use Jira more effectively by making it easier to log new tickets, track existing work and know who’s assigned to which ticket.