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Jun 29th 2016Technical Director

There has been a lot of coverage recently about the benefits and opportunities associated with ‘Headless Drupal’, and while this can be an important feature for some audiences it has overshadowed an arguably more important feature of Drupal 8: its ability to seamlessly sit alongside other technologies and share content resources.

It is really important to continue advancing Drupal's web services support. There are powerful market trends that oblige us to keep focused on this: integration with diverse systems having their own APIs, the proliferation of new devices, the expanding Internet of Things (IoT), and the widening adoption of JavaScript frameworks.

Dries Buytaert, Founder of Drupal

One of the key development goals of Drupal 8 was to produce a content platform which can easily integrate with a wide ecosystem of business applications and digital technologies. Drupal 8 was built with an API-first approach which means connecting content to other sites and applications is an expected use-case.

Drupal 8 takes a presentation-neutral approach to managing content; the content workflow is separated from the presentation of that content, meaning it can be pulled into relevant contexts on your website or pushed out across multiple third-party platforms.

Content is king

Bill Gates

Quality content is pivotal to successful online marketing strategies. Leaving it to sit in a siloed website misses the opportunity to make the very most of your best marketing asset.

Instead, it should be produced once and then re-published and promoted everywhere from your corporate intranet through to consumer apps, partner-websites, and across your entire social media presence.

By utilising Drupal 8 as a publishing framework you can aggregate and publish content resources across your existing digital solutions through rich data services and content APIs.

What this means to you is that it’s easier than ever to share content across multiple channels from one central application.

With organisations such as Oxfam, The Economist and The City of London using Drupal as their primary content platform, it’s clear that Drupal 8 has a lot to bring to modern digital businesses.

Is it time you took a fresh look at Drupal 8 and how it fits into your digital ecosystem?

Microserve are experts in all things Drupal. If you're interested in a Drupal 8 project or want to know more about how Drupal 8 can help your business, please get in touch.

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