At Microserve, we've been delivering smart technical solutions since we started in 2004. Since then, we've been leading the way with more Drupal Development certifications than any other digital agency in the UK. 

We’re smart

Our formidable technical expertise is informed by innovative thinking and strategic nous gained from years of technical problem-solving. We use our skills and insights gathered through analytics to work in partnership with our clients to transform their digital products.

We’re enthusiastic

We love getting stuck into big projects but anything that gets us thinking is a winner. Whether that’s a tricky bit of UX that needs straightening out or programming head-scratcher that needs to be brought into line, we'll approach every challenge with the same enthusiasm and we'll come up with a smart solution.

We’re experts in Drupal

We like to give back to the open source community through regularly scheduling sprint days for our developers to work on Drupal and push the development of the platform forwards.

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Meet the Team

Say hello to the team at Microserve. We’re a friendly bunch and we’re super passionate about bringing all sorts of digital projects to life.

Dan McNamara

Dan McNamara

Managing Director

Dan is a digital agency leader with almost 20 years experience working in a strategic capacity for some of the UK's leading digital agencies, on high-profile campaigns and projects.

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Rick Donohoe

Rick Donohoe

Operations Director

Rick oversees all projects at Microserve and is responsible for nurturing a growing team of Project Managers.

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Ellie Pickering

Ellie Pickering

Client Services Director

Ellie oversees the strategic direction and management of our clients.

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Lauren Howells

Lauren Howells

Marketing Manager

Lauren heads up marketing, bringing people together to solve digital challenges.

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Our ethos

We love using open source platforms as they enable us to build flexible systems that work hard for our clients and they come without all of the overheads associated with proprietary systems. Open source means that solutions are shared not siloed and we’re always keen to give back to the community that enables our work.

Sprint days

Open source platforms work brilliantly because they’re constantly being worked on and improved by developers all over the world. As a company, we often use Drupal modules during our work and so to give back to the worldwide community, we schedule regular sprint days to work on Drupal. This means that we down tools and work on the main Drupal core. It might be making security improvements, it could be fixing bugs in modules, maybe it’s creating patches for custom modules. Whatever it involves, by working on Drupal and pushing the development forwards, we’re helping not only the Drupal community but also our clients by improving the technology stack that their websites rely on. 

Skill swaps

The people that make up Microserve are a skilled bunch with years of experience under their belts and more specialist knowledge than we’d care to count. To make sure that everyone in the company benefits from all of this expertise, we organise regular skill swaps. Whether Emily wants to share her in-depth knowledge of the latest in accessible development or Rick wants to tell us about lessons learnt during a recent project sprint, we know that by sharing our skills and knowledge, it can only make our team and projects stronger.

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